Rubric:  Hugo Reaction Essay




0—Does not meet requirements at all

1—Meets some of the requirements some of the time

2—Meets most of the requirements most of the time

3—Outstanding; meets all requirements all of the time.

Idea development

Ideas are undeveloped and do not address the prompt.

Main ideas about the prompt are clear, but supporting ideas are vague or nonexistent.

Ideas addressing the prompt are clear, with adequate supporting ideas.

Addresses prompt with effective and thoughtful ideas that are clearly and eloquently expressed.


Unclear.  The writer moves back and forth between ideas, rather than developing one idea fully before moving on to the next.  No transitions.

Some sentences within paragraphs are off-topic.  Some transitions are used.

Ideas are clearly organized by paragraph and transitions are used consistently.

Paragraphs are logically ordered; transitions between sentences and paragraphs are smooth.

Voice and mechanics

Word choice is incoherent; grammar and spelling errors make essay difficult to read.  Voice is inconsistent.

Word choice is somewhat repetitive; there are some grammar and/or spelling mistakes, but they do not impede understanding.  Voice is consistent.

Word choice is varied; grammar and spelling is correct throughout.  Voice is consistent.

Word choice and sentence structure is varied; no grammar or spelling errors.  Voice is consistent and engaging for readers.