Topic:  Phones


Meredith Birmingham

French II

Grade 10


Unit Rationale


Phones are a part of daily life, whether French or American.  Understanding phone usage offers cultural insights and comparisons.  It is also important to know how to use a phone in France.  To these ends, students will learn phone vocabulary, the format of a French phone number, key phrases that they will typically hear in a French phone conversation, and how to use a French calling card.  They will also compare and contrast their phone habits with their French counterparts.  Putting new information into practice, students will converse with each other and with native French speakers.  They will also evaluate French phone companies, investigate phone etiquette issues, and determine the affect of phones on their own lives.


Essential Questions:


Students will be able to...


Students will know...


Students will already need to know...


ACTFL Standards

a variety of topics.

the products and perspectives of the culture studied.